SNL welcomes a new day with an uneven show

Just hours after Joe Biden was declared the victor in the most hotly contested presidential race in modern memory, NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” returned with a show that perhaps captured the mood of the country: celebratory but still disbelieving.

Jim Carrey as Biden accepted his win from an in-house crowd so enthusiastic, they could have mistaken him for the real deal.

“I’ve never felt so alive – which is ironic, since I’m not that alive,” he said.

Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris addressed how she will be making history as the first woman, the first black woman, the first Indian woman, and the first biracial woman to be vice president.

“And if any of that terrifies you, well, I don’t give a funt,” she riffed, a play on her long-standing joke as Harris as a “fun-loving aunt – a funt.”

Noting that her husband is Jewish, she said, “Between us, we check more boxes than a disqualified ballot.”

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump delivered a concession speech that, of course, was anything but.

He promised the audience he would reveal what kind of a man he truly is – and he took to a piano to sing a slow version of the Village People classic “Macho Man.”

The whole thing ended with Biden and Harris giving Trump a big loser sendoff.

Just as he did four years ago after the last election, comedian Dave Chappelle hosted.

In his monologue, he acknowledged that it was a “pretty incredible day.”

He talked about his great-grandfather, a man born a slave who became an educator and church leader. Then he said his own iconic comedy series is now available on streaming services, for which he wasn’t receiving a dime, and he expected his grandfather would deride him for being bought and sold more than he was.

About the coronavirus, he wondered why poor white people don’t like wearing masks.

“You wear a mask at the Klan rally – wear a mask at the Walmart, too.”

He riffed on Trump’s now notorious press conference in which he suggested light can eradicate the virus from the body and how a female doctor listened and seemed to be interested.

“That’s why … that’s why … that’s why women make half,” he said. “Did I trigger you? I don’t know what it is, half, 70 percent, whatever it is, it’s too much.”

Commenting on the audience’s weak reaction, he announced, “I’m sorry, Lorne, I thought we were having a comedy show. It’s like a woke meeting in here.”

He noted at one point he was trying out new material.

Maybe this was not the show for that.

Other highlights: Michael Che drank through “Weekend Update.” Kate McKinnon as Trump’s hatchet man Rudy Giuliani, threatened to sue every state for recounts, “decounts,” whatever was necessary.

Colin Jost said, “The most important thing about Donald Trump losing this election is that pretty soon we will never have to listen to Donald Trump again.”

That day can’t get here fast enough.

Watch the SNL cold opening here: