Hit the ring with Stephen Amell in Starz’s ‘Heels’

“Arrow” star Stephen Amell is set to return to TV in Starz’s new pro wrestling drama “Heels.”

Amell plays Jack Spade, the son of a local wrestler now trying to forge his own legacy in pro wrestling.

His greatest supporter and most fearsome opponent? His brother Ace (Alexander Ludwig, “Vikings”).

“Brothers sparring – a tale as old as time,” a shaggy Chris Bauer says.

“In this life, you’re either the hero or the heel,” the teaser warns.

Amell is just the actor to headline this series.

His love of pro wrestling is well documented, and he made guest appearances on WWE and Ring of Honor, where he got into the ring, and unlike just about every other celebrity before him, managed to look like a convincing threat. With his athleticism and his willingness to take some serious bumps, he won the respect of fellow wrestlers and fans.

“Heels” premieres Aug. 15 on Starz.

Watch the promo for yourself.