‘Stargirl’: It’s not easy being green

There’s a new hero in Blue Valley.

And she says she’s the daughter of the original Green Lantern – Alan Scott.

But Stargirl doesn’t believe her.

Warning! Minor spoilers follow!

In “Summer School: Chapter Two,” written by James Dale Robinson and directed by Andi Armaganian, Courtney (Brec Bassinger) is more than miffed by how her family welcomes the intruder in their midst.

Jenny did break into their home, after all. But Pat (Luke Wilson) accepts her story that she is looking for the green lantern left by her father. It’s her legacy. She has a green, glowing ring to prove it – and a lot more going for her.

As Pat helps Jenny learn how to use her powers, Courtney struggles with the real reason why the new kid bugs her so much.

Jenny is not the only new arrival in town. From a gorgeous ’67 Jaguar steps out a man with a top hat and cane. He calls himself Richard Swift, but his real identity will be immediately known to all good JSA fans – and to any “Stargirl” viewer who has been paying attention.

But is he friend or foe?

One person trying to make an escape from Blue Valley is Cindy’s stepmother. Just when she thinks she’s free … Cindy (Meg DeLacy) shows up.

“Hi, Mom! You changed the locks!”

Oh, that’s not good.

Cindy is determined to start her own Injustice team, but in calling on Eclipso’s powers, she may end up losing herself. By hour’s end, Eclipso forces her into doing something she never wanted to do.

Darkness has a long reach on “DC’s Stargirl.”