‘Stargirl’: Wanted: A few good bad friends

Now be honest:

Cindy slinks up to you and asks, “Do you want to be my friend?”

You may not be evil, but you’re not stupid.

You’re so not going to say no.

And so everyone’s favorite teen nightmare started building her own Injustice Society on the most recent “Stargirl.”

In “Summer School: Chapter Four,” written by Taylor Streitz and directed by Lea Thompson, Cindy (Meg DeLacy) can see her gathered Injustice Society in front of her – thanks to the mind-bending powers of Eclipso.

That portrait still includes Mike (Trae Romano), but in this episode, she easily adds the original Fiddler’s grandson Isaac (Max Frantz) and Artemis (Stella Smith) to the ranks.

Artemis needed just the smallest push from Eclipso to be tricked into a rage that cost her a college recruiter’s approval.

The Crocks broke out of prison just to see their daughter lose it on the field. But they do love their girl, even if their plan was dumb. Why did they need Pat (Luke Wilson) to cover for them when their disguises at the game consisted of wearing their hoodies up?

Not the brains of the ISA, to be sure. But the contrived plot did give us a chance to enjoy the Crocks and Pat and Barbara (Amy Smart) trading quips.

“Another fight,” Paula (Joy Osmanski) said, surveying the damage to the family kitchen. “I guess you’re unpopular with a lot of people.”

This won’t be the last you’ll see of the Crocks: Actors Neil Hopkins and Osmanski have been upgraded to series regulars for season three.

Courtney (Brec Bassinger) has to rethink her opinion of Shade (Jonathan Cake) after their encounter in that old bookstore “The House of Secrets.” (Gotta love the just perfect shout-outs to DC Comics history.)

Shade schooled her on Eclipso’s dark history, how Eclipso murdered the original Dr. Midnite’s 10-year-old daughter. (We saw that in the season premiere flashback.)

Shade vowed that when he gets his hand on Eclipso’s black diamond, he will toss it into the deepest part of the ocean.

And what are Pat and Barbara hiding from Courtney and the team about the JSA and Eclipso? Was the JSA somehow responsible for unleashing Eclipso onto the world? Both parents are convinced that if the teens find out the truth, they will never get over it. They all have such idealized views of their heroes.

So you know this secret just has to come out.

And Dr. Midnite? So not looking dead – but he seems to have been lost in Shade’s dark dimension for decades.

Can the new JSA save him?

Just twisted:

“How did your parents die?” Isaac asked Cindy.

“Horribly,” she deadpanned.