‘Stargirl’: Stormy weather

On this week’s “Stargirl,” the black diamond hosting the malevolent entity Eclipso brought dark clouds and unexpected storms to Blue Valley.

So in addition to preying on people’s desires and weaknesses, Eclipso is responsible for localized climate change.

That’s just … so evil.

But if we’re talking about the weather, that can only mean that “Stargirl,” alas, is disappointing.

Almost halfway through the season, the show has been remarkably, regrettably action-lite.

In “Summer School: Chapter Five,” written by Steve Harper and directed by Sheelin Choksey, the JSA suited up to take on Eclipso at their school and wound up fighting their own inner demons.

No matter how you film it, heroes punching lockers is never going to look cool.

Eclipso easily messed with Hourman, Wildcat, and Dr. Midnite, but overlooked Stargirl, his biggest threat. Or is the show saying Courtney (Brec Bassinger) is protected because she carries the staff?

Stories are stuck in neutral: Rick (Cameron Gellman) is still feeding his “pet dog,” aka Solomon Grundy; Yolanda (Yvette Monreal) still has headaches over Brainwave’s death; Beth (Anjelika Washington) is still upset about her parents splitting. There was no forward momentum, just a repeat of what we already know.

Cindy’s (Meg DeLacy) attempt to pull Cameron (Hunter Sansone) to the dark side went awry thanks to his Frosty the Grandma and Cam’s own long memory of Cindy’s ruthless nature.

Cam had some harsh truth for his crush Courtney: “You always leave. Or never show.”

Hunter Sansone is a strong presence on this show, and here’s hoping the show utilizes him more. There’s so much story to be told with his character, even if the show’s big surprise – Cameron revealing Icicle powers – was so not a revelation.

Surprising: Shade’s (Jonathan Cake) admission to Barbara (Amy Smart) that she reminds him of someone in his family. A family connection just might be the thing to secure Shade as an ally for Courtney.

CW teases that next week Cindy and her new ISA team will clash with the JSA. It’s about time. “Stargirl” could use some rumbling.