Did Warner Bros. License a Wonder Woman Sex Doll?


“Previews” is the monthly catalog for comic book stores and their fan-boy and fan-girl customers to peruse upcoming merchandise. The thing runs over 600 pages a month, and is a look into what’s going to be hot (or not) in comics and related merchandise.

In the latest issue, amid the ads for new comics, graphic novels, trading cards and Funko figures, there appeared the most curious solicitation: 

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That Time Captain America Almost Became Caitlyn America

Captain America no more?
Captain America no more?

Marvel Comics writer Mark Gruenwald loved Captain America.

And he proved it in countless stories of the Star-Spangled Avenger during the ’80s and ’90s. His Cap was the strong, unwavering hero that serves as the template today for the big-budget blockbusters starring Chris Evans.

But not every story can be a masterpiece. Sometimes the pressure of the monthly deadline – or here, the biweekly deadline – can prove to be too much for even the most able of scripters.

Take, for example, “The Superia Stratagem,” a six-part saga running bi-weekly during the summer of 1991 in which Cap goes up against a secret society of female super-villains.

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Because You Demanded It! The Sequel to the Silliest Scene in the Marvel Age!

jj2coverSome moments in comics are just so goofy, they can never be forgotten.

Even by the heroes themselves.

In the current issue of Marvel Comics’ “Jessica Jones,” No. 2, cover date January 2017, in a flashback to happier times, Luke Cage distracts his baby mama-to-be Jessica Jones with one of his less than great exploits as she struggles through labor.

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DC’s ‘Secret Six’ Crosses a Line

Language, people.
Language, people.

So apparently there are now only six dirty words left you can’t say – in comic books, anyway.

DC’s “Secret Six” No. 14, now available, drops an s-bomb.

The moment comes when the Ventriloquist gets stabby with her super-villain allies as they try to rescue one of their own from the League of Assassins.

The Ventriloquist’s dummy Ferdie objects to her betrayal. And then Ferdie starts to losing all feeling in his wooden limbs and can’t understand what’s happening to him.

And the Ventriloquist’s reply?

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